Saturday, June 27, 2009

i am 70kg..

nope,im n0t 70kg..but yup!i eat like i am!!

how i love food n saye sangatla suka it n i love it all!
saye suke makan n i dont gain weight..which is g0od rite?big applause to my metabolisme yg cepat!
erm,actually there's a bad part of it coz i read somewhere,that people who eat a lot but stay thin possibly hv a higher CHOLESTEROL level..OMG!
maybe dah tibe mase untuk check lor,ape je yg saye x telan?everything high fat n high sugar r my favourite..ok,now panic arise!
tapi kn saye dpat tau wun great fact which is i know a victory to every women

high cholesterol = high calories food rite?
but i found out that women's addiction could actually help in reducing
the calories..apekah itu?SHOPPING!
a health magazine had came out with the fact that shopping, kidding! can reduce 341 calories!!fun rite?but i guess shop d mid valley boley reduce more than that..haha..
i love d idea s0 damn much..

at least i already found a good reason to shop!after this,saye nak makan dulu before start off the shopping marathon..kill 2 birds with 1 stone la.
mari jadi healthy shopaholic!

'it's healthy!!'

Thursday, June 25, 2009

is this me?blogging?

"they make me realize how sweet it is to be a

im updating 2hri bturut2..dat's a record for me wh0 touch dis blog like once evry six months?
haha..percayalah..ini memg saya menulis lagi =)

today i'd realized TWO things..all dis while saya xsedar diri ngan keadaan ini

1) sedar yang i really dunno how to control objek yang bernama 'WANG'
whether it is makan , shopping n penggunaan telefon..inilah issuenya.
i always get carried away bler pakai i always so baik call people eventhough i know that they should be the one calling..and sms-ing people like me la~ and what did i got from being s0 in love with telefon genggam?my phone kenala barred because credit limit suda sampai..yea me!
end up kne mrh ngn en farizal because of this..errgh,haruslah saye korek duit untuk mbayar d bill.Not fairla kalau saye nk membebankan en.ijan ngan uwang sperti becky,d shopaholic mbebankan suaminya,Luke ngan overspend d kota saye xkanla confess saye over-shopaholic camtu,msih boleh dikawal

2) sedar bahwa jd housewife sgt sweet la

i dunno knape naluri keMUMMYan dtang tetbe..smenjak hari ni sempena mama outstation n i was left home alone bersama adik paling dmanding di dunia.xsangke cooking is my thing,saya truje je nk buat owg makan makanan saya masak..walaupun kadang2 saya tau org yg makan tu snyum paksa,tp its always sincere saya tetap cuba..masakan dari hati akan jatuh ke dalam perot dan menimbulkan rasa kenyang.I believe in that!
masa casting GARDENIA,bila i was cast to be a mum(walaupun msih muda remaja)..rasenya i failed to show how to prepared a bread with love..dat is what they told me to do,'show that u're preparing for a picnic for your loved one..u must show d motherly smile'..huh?smile like a mom?ok i try..
but never know did it work?or it still look like a 'terpaksa kakak making bread'..=p
erm,but suddenly today i know how to put up a motherly smile..and its really cool to be a housewife and makes everything looks perfect for d family..i realized how sweet it could be,making ur loved ones happy..
does this mean i want to leave my career behind and quit study now? never..i'll make sure im one superwoman in d future..a great housewife with a big career..ngee~

so-my trademark hair :d long wavy hair

akhirnye,sesuatu dtulis juge d dlm blog ini!
its not even feeded with any update for d past months..sgt brabuk,almost brulat..
thought of mngakhirkan hayat blog yg sudah tidak dgunakan ini tapi dipujuk hati yg tngah bored xtremely,marilah blog lagi..

ouh,saye tringin nk tukar image..i need sumthing refreshing for d new semester(alasan smate2)
kununnya saye buleylah smangat abes bler tukar image..hahah..ade kaitankah?
dah sbulan cuti,dok flip2 through magazine..aaaww,i alwiz adore a bob cut do..mcm katie holmes mungkin??tapi keinginan ini sntiase dbangkang ibunda terchenta n ijan d boyfrend..sigh~

pnat suda memujok, juge mngugot mereka..tetapi they said they prefer me with d wavy hair..
ouh..tidak busankah kalian?when i asked this straight forward-perasan question,'u guys really love my hair huh?','do my hair means thst much to you?'..they just make a so-so statement,'erm..u look ok n better with that hair'.

knape mreka sungguh yakin saye tidak ok brambot pendek?
a) mama says my wavy hair would look pelik when it is short and always refer to agnes hair in JELITA..ouh mum,that hair is cool kot but rebonding is aways an option kn?

b) ijan says short hair sometimes can make people look sexier..instead of my statement yg kate,'i nk potong rmbot because i nk nmpk tegas n more firm,rmbot wavy n pnjg mcm manje n bukan ke bhaye?bley kne tarik ngn pragot?'(saya ingt bleh bwat die risau)

c) mama mesti still trauma..there's a time i cut my hair off in kwantan try to look like victoria beckham with a very chic spiky hair..n she'd DISAPPROVED..ouh,that hair cut maybe too much la kot..

but out of this reasons,i do think i should try new things..
aarrgghh..maybe i just shud keep my hair so LoOOOOONNGG for 8years to come n they would be the one who beg me to cut it..HAHA..errm,nah!maybe not..
ok,i'll raise my white flag!!
for now i just shud agree..i stick with d so-my trademark hair :d long wavy hair!

contoh2 rambut yang disayangi mereka

contoh rambut yang direject

susah2 mcam ni jela trus..amin