Saturday, June 27, 2009

i am 70kg..

nope,im n0t 70kg..but yup!i eat like i am!!

how i love food n saye sangatla suka it n i love it all!
saye suke makan n i dont gain weight..which is g0od rite?big applause to my metabolisme yg cepat!
erm,actually there's a bad part of it coz i read somewhere,that people who eat a lot but stay thin possibly hv a higher CHOLESTEROL level..OMG!
maybe dah tibe mase untuk check lor,ape je yg saye x telan?everything high fat n high sugar r my favourite..ok,now panic arise!
tapi kn saye dpat tau wun great fact which is i know a victory to every women

high cholesterol = high calories food rite?
but i found out that women's addiction could actually help in reducing
the calories..apekah itu?SHOPPING!
a health magazine had came out with the fact that shopping, kidding! can reduce 341 calories!!fun rite?but i guess shop d mid valley boley reduce more than that..haha..
i love d idea s0 damn much..

at least i already found a good reason to shop!after this,saye nak makan dulu before start off the shopping marathon..kill 2 birds with 1 stone la.
mari jadi healthy shopaholic!

'it's healthy!!'

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