Saturday, September 5, 2009

the little girl

Im just a little girl,

Who have dreams that she brought within,

Who have pain she’s hiding deep in,

But please don’t see me as a little girl,

The naïve little girl is only the body I live in..

As breathing started, it’ll stop I bet it will,

But I am still here, still in the body I live;

Don’t tell me what you want the little girl to be,

I love just being me..

I like my hair too be messy,

I like to be mysterious rather than being seen,

I don’t talk nonsense, I am just boring,

I am not looking for attention, it’s not my thing..

I don’t bother if you think I am fragile,

I don’t bother if you think I am too polite,

Or think I am not going to fight back and just keep it inside,

I don’t even listen if you go insane laughing at me,

Telling me ‘oh, come on be a bit wild and crazy!’,

Do you mind if I said, ’it’s not who I am, I don’t live to be silly’,

I don’t go to Leeds to be as smart,

I don’t be a bimbo to get men’s heart,

I don’t like to be perfect and trying too hard,

Because i am not living to please your heart

I don’t wrote to impress you,

I don’t whine of my imperfection,

I just love to hide in the little girl

And this is just the way I want to be..

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